Game Days A New Way

Possibly the most exciting aspect of joining Tau Beta Sigma is the opportunity to serve our colleagues on game days. The atmosphere inside the Palace on the Prairie is booming with energy as we cheer on the Sooners. Participating in one of the largest campus organizations requires extensive cooperation. Responsibilities delegated to TBS include passing out sandwiches during the third quarter and picking up recycling. Returning members would say that these tasks took on new importance this season as the organization, university, and conference adhere to COVID-19 protocol. This made my first game as an active member even more memorable!

The beginning of the conference play was a stunning matchup between the Oklahoma Sooners and Kansas State Wildcats. Set up in the stands was our socially distanced, masked, and energetic pep band. The organization was essential to game day successes. Shortly before halftime, we geared up to distribute sandwiches. Important was the usage of gloves and indirect contact as sandwiches were placed by each band and guard member. Faces presumably beaming with joy under masks. Early game days always warrant a good breakfast that prepares me for the first few quarters. The halftime show displayed on Sooner Vision was the first time I was able to watch our performance from the stands. These firsts are created a whole new game day experience. Following the third quarter, TBS members collected recycling. Unlike past games, we were able to walk through the ensemble to grab bottles. This made limited contact easy.

Regulations to combat the spread of COVID-19 prompted a new setting for post-game concerts. The stands held the remaining fans who waited to hear the band play once more. From our seats, we jammed to classic TV shows that we’re all too familiar with over quarantine. Finally, the game day experience had come to an end. Absent from our post-game concert was a performance of TBS voices joined in song. This had always been an impressive sight. Instead, we have found time after our halftime show recording sessions to sing socially distanced. I have been so grateful to share this experience with the band and sisters of TBS. As the season continues there will be opportunities to learn about the other ways TBS contributes to the Norman community.


Matthew Frontz

Delta Eta

Should l Rush Tau Beta Sigma? A Prospective Member’s Guide!

By this point in the semester (and depending on your school’s COVID guidelines), you have surely seen a few members of your band that represent Tau Beta Sigma, whether they are wearing a TBS shirt, setting up for a rehearsal, or singing on the field after a football game or rehearsal. Perhaps you have seen socially-distant recruitment events, or even been to one! 

But, what exactly do you do when you’re in Tau Beta Sigma?

Tau Beta Sigma is an all-genders-included service sorority meant to serve the collegiate band. Basically, we help with all things band related, whether it be just within the athletic bands, the university’s school of music, or other outside events! Here at the Delta chapter, we love to volunteer our time by doing outside pep gigs for elementary schools, retirement homes, and other places such as the Big Event or local animal shelters!

That sounds like a lot. What is the time commitment for TBS?

We will have one weekly chapter meeting per week in the evenings, and a select few required events outside of regular chapter meeting time. As for service requirements, we only ask that you complete a certain number of points within a given semester (which is shortened this year to accommodate due to the COVID pandemic), and of course, we are flexible with any outside conflicts you may have with this! Many of our sisters work jobs along with being a member of TBS as well as a member of the Pride.

What else do you guys do besides service?

Here at Delta, we put a heavy emphasis on sisterhood within our chapter. This means that we strive consistently for every member to know that they have a place in our organization on a constant basis. During a regular year that isn’t 2020, we meet up before chapter to mingle around and chat with everyone. We will also sing with our Kappa Kappa Psi brothers after football games. We even hold “Hannah Talks” after every chapter to just have a laugh with our sisters, promptly before going to the Mont here in Norman to eat cheese fries!

This all sounds like a lot of fun! But I’m nervous, I don’t know anyone.

Perfect! You are in the same position as every other prospective member as of right now, and myself included when I was a freshman! My advice is to go to as many recruitment events as possible and see where your personality falls in line with the other members of TBS! It’s okay if you’re shy, our active members are looking forward to meeting you and would love to show you what TBS is all about. Your experience will be exactly what you make it when it comes to the recruitment process, so come on out and see what TBS is all about!


Courtney Edwards

Delta Epsilon, Spring 2018

The Success in Failure

Like most bright high schoolers, I coasted by in high school, making A’s. I would get home right after school and affix me to the head of the kitchen table, cranking out long homework assignments.
My teachers never batted an eye at me, I continued to appease them by doing well, and no one questioned it. I never had to study for regular tests, only the standardized AP and ACTs. Eventually, I skated by and made my way to college.
Freshman year of college was challenging for other reasons than academics, I aced my exams and did my homework assignments like the good high schooler I used to be. Most of the classes I had were generous in terms of extra credit and were primarily review since I had been in similar classes before.
When I began my first semester of sophomore year, I was carefree, I had just made out with a 4.0 for both of my freshmen semesters, piece of cake, right?

Well, no.

I was in Physics 1 when my perfect little world caved in. On the first quiz of eight, I did extremely well, so I slacked off thinking I knew more than I did. Come time for the second quiz (worth 12% of my grade, mind you) I made a 40%.
Wow. Big difference, right?
Well, in the next quiz I made 50%. Failure, again.
At some point, I was failing physics and a philosophy course. When I made it back to my apartment I was in shambles. I did not know what to do except feel pitiful about my situation and cry for a while.
My parents reinforced my good grades with praise. When I started failing, I was not upset about failing class. Instead, I was upset about disappointing my parents.
Once I knocked some sense into myself, I was able to make a game plan.
I withdrew from philosophy and enrolled in a winter session course to meet the credit hour requirement. I began to question what I knew about physics, too. I went to the physical science center and studied in an empty classroom every week there was a quiz. In that classroom, I sat at a whiteboard grinding out solutions to physics problems. In my classes, I started curating group study sessions and asking more questions. As a result of my re-directed energy, my grades in physics improved because I made the effort to shape them myself, not let them shape me.
Sometimes in life, things change in a way we cannot control. You may think that you nailed an assignment or a test, just to find out that you failed. A lot of times this can lead us to assume that a failing grade is a direct attack on our intelligence and capabilities. The best thing that you can do for yourself after you fail is to see why you failed and work to overcome it. If you internalize your failures and treat them as they are a part of your success, you miss out on what truly makes you successful. It is important to love yourself and believe in your potential to rise above. That, my friends, is true success. In case no one told you today, you are NOT an imposter, your brain is a muscle and you can always strengthen it past where you are now.
Right now, I want you to take in a nice deep breath and think about the reasons why you love yourself and what you take pride in. If you have a piece of paper next to you, write them down. Keep that for the days you fail, I promise it will get you back to action.
Another important part of being successful is attending to your needs and not comparing yourself to others. I, for one, cannot get into the right headspace for a successful and positive day unless I get at least nine hours of sleep. Listening to your body will, in the end, help you to perform your best at school. Do not let yourself go without food, water, or naps if you need them. Taking breaks is something I had to work on recently. If you never allow yourself to take a break once you start on something, you are training your mind to have an aversion to schoolwork. In my personal experience, my success means doing a little more play than I do work on certain days so that I can pick up homework willingly and not out of spite for needing a good grade. This doesn’t mean you should make the same mistakes that I did by assuming I knew things and taking a day off when I needed to study; however, there’s a difference between being productive and overworking yourself.
Buy a planner. Buy a planner. Buy a planner. Now click your heels three times, okay–I’m not a magician so you probably still don’t have one, BUT you should go get one. You can set yourself up for success by getting ahead or at least knowing what is going on for a given class on a day. Log every test and assignment due in your planner and check it often. Most successful people will tell you to make a list and check it off, which is good, but you should be gentle with yourself if you fail to follow through with it. It is never too late to do the right thing, and you should never sacrifice your sanity for the sake of crossing items off a list. The act of trying to get ahead is enough, it always will be.
While it may be hard to invest time into places other than schoolwork, just remember that you will outlive the grades you make in college and it’s never too late to be successful. I hope you all have a good day and a great week.


Emily Cobb

Beyond the Practice Room

The spring semester concluded from the comfort of our homes via online communication.  For much of summer break, I was developing personal outlooks to improve on the college lifestyle. Likewise, pursuing opportunities to grow as an individual is what led me to the University of Oklahoma and TBS in the first place. As a musician, there is a lot of stigma about practicing because it ultimately has an impact on your performance. The practice is a routine for success. Comparably, maintaining your physical and mental health is imperative to improve performance in any field. I took note of what I do beyond the practice room.

Eat healthily! I have spent several hours each week preparing meals that offer nutritional value and great taste. This has significantly improved my consistency in mealtimes. Enveloped in my studies, there is pressure to prioritize assignments or practice over personal health. Planning to spend time in the kitchen creates an awareness of the foods you eat and does not interfere with the pending tasks of the day. Big thanks to my sister, Kinady Allen, who recently introduced me to some new recipes. I have not been able to successfully recreate any family dishes, but still enjoy the flavor of a home cooked meal.

Exercise regularly! As a summer swim instructor, I was able to get some laps in from time to time. There was obvious room for improvement, and I wanted to be sure I was presenting the best coaching possible. Additionally, exercise increases brain function about memory and thinking skills. Now that fall weather is upon us in early September, take advantage of these pleasant days by going for a stroll. 

Rest up! Nothing is better than a good night’s sleep. There are countless studies to suggest getting an appropriate amount of sleep is essential to physical health. I thoroughly enjoy watching movies and TV shows in the evening, but only if time allows. Breakfast/coffee is best coupled with a positive attitude to work through the day to the best of your abilities. 

Read more! It may be difficult to gauge what book is right for you. That is why I propose to just keep reading. Eventually, you will come across something that interests you. I hit my stride after taking an introduction to psychology course. The professor suggested I read specialized topics that are not covered by the class in depth. I was captivated. Reading outside of the required materials is not a chore. Developing your interests is an important attribute as you prepare to contribute valuable knowledge at school, work, and organizations.

Study diligently! The word homework can strike an anxious tone. I refer to assignments as tasks that need to complete. This doubles for practicing. Setting an hour aside to practice is a vague interpretation of reviewing fundamentals, material, etc. Instead, I like to maximize efficiency by considering the specific tasks I need to accomplish. 

Stay connected! Reach out to friends and family. Some might know how much I like to call to communicate. There is so much joy in letting others know that you are thinking of them. Throughout the summer, I was adamant in sending letters to friends at camp or calling to check-in. 

These are a few of many suggestions that help me personally as we navigate this semester. In other news, the Delta Chapters continue to assist The Pride of Oklahoma in devising precautionary measures to combat COVID-19. We also continue to discover new means of connecting through the online platform. Looking ahead the school year might appear complicated, but we must take this opportunity to care for ourselves. In summary, seek new recipes, move around, take a nap, develop your interests, organize tasks, and be a sister. Feel free to share what you do beyond the practice room!


Matthew Frontz

Norman’s Top 15 Restaurants According to the Delta Chapter

When it comes to food, the Delta Chapter is filled with certified experts. We’ve tried them all and have compiled a list of our favorites. So without further ado, here are Norman’s top 15 restaurants according to the Delta Chapter!

15. Crossroads

This popular union hotspot is home to many fan favorites, such as their spicy chicken & waffle sandwich and stacked grilled cheese. Crossroads in the Union is the best place to go if you’re craving breakfast at any time of the day!

14. Ozzie’s Diner

Located in the Max Wertheimer Airport, this hidden gem comes with a meal and a show! You can enjoy your food while watching the planes go by. What more could you want?

13. Tino’s Italian Eats and Sweets

Tino’s #1 fan is a member of Delta (@KaylaAnaMarie), so of course Tino’s was going to make the list! Tino’s is locally owned and has a wide variety of yummy options. According to Kayla, her go-to meal is the soft pretzel with the infamous white whiz cheese sauce and french fries. They also have a number of Italian style sandwiches to choose from!

12. Midway Deli

Midway Deli is home to our game day meal, affectionately known as Pridewiches. Even though the season is over, Delta still goes to Midway to get the legendary pridewich! “Who doesn’t love a game day prandwich on a regular school day?” says Historian Elizabeth Haskins.

11. The Library

No, it’s not an actual library! The Library is located just outside of Catlett Music Center, making it super easy to walk to. From pizza to nachos to burgers, there’s tons of options for everyone!

10. Sonic

Even though this isn’t a local Norman eatery, we still had to include it on the list for their deals, such as their 99¢ mozzarella stick day and 50¢ corn dog day. Sonic makes for the perfect chapter snack!

9. O’Connell’s Irish Pub & Grille

Also known as O’Conn’s, this restaurant is one of our stops for our game day eve pep bands. My personal favorite is the ranchhand burger!

8. Othello’s Italian Restaurant

Another campus corner classic, Othello’s is one of the best Italian restaurants in Norman! Not only does it have great food, but The Pride’s drum major, Paxton Leaf, often performs there with his jazz combo.

7. The Caf

Couch Restaurants, or The Caf, is an OU staple. During the fall semester, the entire Pride attends The Caf every Wednesday after rehearsal. The Caf is buffet style and holds one of the only all-you-can-eat Chick-Fil-A’s in the world! The Caf has everything you could ever want, so it’s no surprise it’s this high on the list!

6. Pickleman’s Gourmet Cafe

Pickleman’s is the best place to go if you’re looking for a soup/sandwich combo! It’s quick and has great service. If sandwiches aren’t your thing, they also have the best cracker-thin crust pizza!

5. BJ’s Brewhouse

BJ’s serves as the Delta Chapter’s iconic post-second degree meal. My personal favorite menu item is the deep dish chicken bacon ranch pizza. After dinner, it’s necessary to split a pizookie with your little!

4. Tatsumaki Ramen & Lounge

If you like ramen, Tatsumaki is the place to go. They have a huge selection of ramen and sushi to choose from. There’s even a number of vegan options! Our sistaus love it for the chill atmosphere it provides.

3. Victoria’s Pasta Shop

I’m a huge pasta lover myself, so Victoria’s has always been one of my favorites! As an added bonus-there’s always enough to take home leftovers. If that’s not convincing enough, Secretary Brenna O’Hara says “their $6.99 plate of linguini and garlic bread is a game changer.”

2. The Mont

Where do I begin? Delta’s ICONIC post-chapter hangout is home to the best cheese fries in Norman. What’s better than cramming into a booth and splitting cheese fries with your favorite sistaus? For our non-dairy queens, the spicy fried green beans are to die for!

1. Tea Cafe On the Corner

Tea Caf is a restaurant loved by many in the Delta Chapter. Whether you’re just going to get some boba to go or meeting someone for lunch, everything at Tea Caf is outstanding. If you’ve never been, you’re highly missing out. I would suggest getting the chicken fried rice with the fried cheese wontons!

-Juliana Mitchell

The Force is Strong With My Little

On Sunday, February 23rd, I became a mom! The Delta Chapter celebrated Big/Little reveal this weekend, and there was so much love to give to our rush class, Delta Eta. Between hugs, laughter, and lightsabers, I got to introduce my little to our big family. My little, Kaitlynn Wetchensky, plays trumpet in The Pride of Oklahoma and is from the great state of Texas. Kaitlynn is always confidently herself, and that is what I love most about her. Kaitlynn responds to fears and anxiety with strength and peace, all while reaching out to others in need. I wish there were more people like her in the galaxy!

I grew close to Kaitlynn through early morning call times, late-night sleepovers, and our shared love for Star Wars. For her reveal, she had to battle the stormtroopers made of out balloons in front of her, with one containing a picture of us inside. I glued thumbtacks to the end of the lightsaber to make it easier for her. It looked so funny that she kept it! The look on her face when she popped the balloons was priceless!

I am so proud of Kaitlynn and the progress she continues to make during her time as a membership candidate. Additionally, Kaitlynn was chosen to represent the Delta Eta rush class as class treasurer, and she is doing excellent work. Kaitlynn is not afraid to ask questions and rally behind her future sistaus in times of need. She truly has what it takes to be a Jedi, if I do say so say myself. I can not wait to keep guiding her through her journey. There is no one else in the galaxy I would want as a little.

Kelsey L Cook
Delta Zeta, Delta Chapter

A Semester Preview for the Delta Chapter

Delta has much to do this spring! On January 23, we hosted First Degree with our new upcoming MC class, the Delta Etas! On February 23 we will be hosting our Second Degree, moving the MC class one degree closer to becoming active sisters.

March 27 – March 29, our wonderful Vice President of Sisterhood Madison Hoehn has planned our annual Sisterhood Retreat at a beautiful lake house on Lake Eufala where we will engage in fun bonding activities and hiking at Robber’s Cave. This will be the last weekend our beautiful Delta Etas will spend as MCs because on March 29, we will be traveling back to Norman where the MC class will become full-fledged active sisters!

April 11 will be our Chipotle Benefit Night and April 18 is our Panda Express Benefit Night- come support the Delta Chapter and eat good food!

We’re so excited for our full schedule this spring and we look forward to growing our family by welcoming our newest rush class!

-Miranda Deakins

Where did we leave off?

With the spring semester in full swing, it’s time to review what Delta has been up to since December! After a short break, we all headed back to Norman on Christmas to begin preparation for the Peach Bowl. In Norman we held our final auditions for the drum major position and practiced our pregame and halftime shows. After that it was time to travel to Atlanta! Atlanta was filled with lots of fun things, like rehearsals in the stadium, visits to the famous Atlanta Aquarium, and even a trip to a super fun arcade! Even though the game didn’t go exactly how we wanted, it was still so much fun cheering on our Sooners!

After the bowl trip, things settled down as we had a much needed break before the spring semester began. During the first week of school, Delta held our first degree for our Delta Eta rush class! It was super exciting to see all the membership candidates begin their journey into Tau Beta Sigma and get their presents from their bigs! I can’t wait to see where Tau Beta Sigma takes them.

Even though marching season is over, the Delta Chapter has a packed schedule this spring! Keep up with our blog posts to see what we’re up to and follow @TBSDeltaChapter for weekly history snippets and live tweets from our Women in Music Speaker event!

-Juliana Mitchell

The Next Chapter

This past semester I have made one of the hardest, and most stressful, decisions of my life. I decided to transfer Universities. When this decision was made my first thought was “Oh no, will I be able to continue as a sister of TBS?” So of course, I chose a school that had a chapter, Texas Tech University, the home of the Beta chapter. Also known as the school that started it all.

I was extremely nervous. I had heard a lot of negative talk about the school and Lubbock itself and I was also worried that I wouldn’t fit in with the sisters and brothers of Beta. I knew eventually I would have to face my fears and took a weekend to travel my way down to Lubbock in order to tour Tech and the surrounding area. Within minutes of stepping into the music building on campus at Texas Tech I had met brothers and sisters of Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi. They were all extremely welcoming and I began to feel comfortable around them within minutes. I had even met one girl from Beta that sat down and had a thirty minute, maybe even an hour, long conversation with me as though she had known me forever. My fears had instantly begun to melt away.

This interaction reminded me of what TBS is all about. It is a bonding sisterhood, no matter where you go or where you’re from. These are people that have the same ideals and end goals in mind. It reminded me of just how lucky I truly am to be a part of something and to share something so special and valuable with tons of people across the nation.

My heart still aches knowing that I am leaving my sisters of Delta behind. In the end I know my Delta sisters are always cheering for me and I am more than excited to get to know and share new memories with the sisters of Beta. I guess you could say I am on to the next chapter, figuratively and literally.

Wreck em’,
Maria Cullum

Have Courage, You’re Not Alone: What TBS Has Taught Me

As a senior in Tau Beta Sigma, I have taken some time to reflect on the years I have spent in the sorority. The sorority has brought me tremendous joy and I wouldn’t trade my time I’ve spent in it for the world. I remember when I was a membership candidate, my big told me to really take in every moment spent doing the little things such as passing out sandwiches at games, playing pep bands at elementary schools and attending alumni rituals. Take in every single moment because pretty soon, you blink and it’s gone. I took that to heart and got as involved as I could from the start. In my time in TBS I have attended two national conventions, two district conventions, served as my chapter’s Member at Large and the Southwest District Parliamentarian, attended thousands of hours of chapter meetings, played in too many pep bands to count and handed out hundred of game day sandwiches. I would absolutely do all of it again in a heartbeat. TBS has taught me to stand tall, be strong, and reach for the stars. No matter how alone I might feel, I have an entire sisterhood supporting me. Tau Beta Sigma has provided me with some of my best friends in the whole world and I couldn’t be more grateful.

So as a soon-to-be alumnus, I would like to pass on some advice to the incoming membership candidates. Enjoy every moment you spend in this organization, because it goes by in a blink. Even those late night chapter meetings! Go to The Mont after chapter, have study sessions with your big and little, attend sisterhood retreats and District Conventions. I promise you, the bonds you form in the sisterhood are absolutely remarkable and will truly last you a lifetime.

-Juliana Mitchell