Fernanda’s NatCon Experience

This past week, I went to Stillwater to join my fellow brothers and sisters at the 2019 National Convention for Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma and I can honestly say that it was one of the greatest experiences yet. Going into it, I was very excited but intimidated because since I was just initiated a few months ago, I didn’t know how to act, what to say, and what to do. I thought that I would not fit in and felt so out of place. The fact that most people in our chapter have never gone to NatCon made me feel a lot better about not knowing exactly what was going to happen because I didn’t feel alone in that “first time” boat. Once all that awkwardness went away, I really felt free, like I belonged there, and that I could really call myself an “official” member of TBS.

Some of my favorite moments while at NatCon included (but are not limited to) the marketplace, the guest speakers, and getting to go to Eskimo Joe’s to eat and bond with each other <3. At the marketplace, not only did I get to browse through all the awesome merch but I also got to meet a lot of sisters around the country and made connections with them so that I could later contact them and meet up with them at away games. Later that first day, most of us from the Delta chapter went to Eskimo Joe’s and ate some delicious food while enjoying each other’s company and hilarious stories. With the guest speakers, I was really surprised because I expected very cliche “Ted talks” but they ended up opening my mind up to new ideas and concepts that I needed in my life. Those guest speakers were so good that they got me to take notes on my own will. All in all, every event had its own special moment and it would take a while to describe all the details in the limited space I have to write. Trust me when I say, NatCon is something everyone should really consider going to at least once in their life, whether that be as an active or as an alumni or life member.

If you can’t go to NatCon for whatever circumstance, I would recommend at least going to district. I have never been to district but I totally recommend going because not only do you get to connect with and meet people within your district, but you get to learn so much about the sisterhood that you might have not thought about before and you could be the vessel that brings some of that information back to your chapter. People have told me that it’s like a mini NatCon with more scheduled things but very fun and informational. With my time at National Convention, I can be more open to others’ ideas and feel like I can contribute more in order to help our chapter move forward from what I have learned. Even if you don’t get the chance to go to either, just remember that your voice is important and needs to be heard. By doing this, it can help the chapter grow at the local, district, and even at the national level.

Thank you for reading my “testimony” about NatCon and I hope I have persuaded you to consider going to district next year and NatCon in 2021.

MLITB, Fernanda Ceron

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