The Importance of TBS

Joining color guard started as me just trying to prove to my brother that I could do it and stick with it. I am sure 14-year-old me never would have thought that 6 years later I would be a part of something so much bigger than myself. Marching band is a big part of who I am. All these years of long practices, determination, competing, performing, and friendships have shaped me to be the young woman everyone sees today. Even today I know that being a part of The Pride of Oklahoma continues to shape my personality and mind set. Not only is marching band a big part of who I am but it is a therapy to me. No matter how stressful school or life gets I know getting to Pride Field at 4:30 everyday will immediately bring me pure happiness and relief.

When I learned about Tau Beta Sigma, I immediately knew I had to rush. This was the perfect opportunity to give back to and serve the activity that has meant so much to me. Not only do I get to give back to the band, but I have become sisters with so many others that share my love and passion for band. The chance to serve The Pride and to share my number one passion with others are just two of the many reason Tau Beta Sigma is so important to me.

-Maria Cullum

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