High Heels, But No Red Dress

Flashback to May 7th of last semester, I received a notification on my phone that told me I was added to a group chat named “High Heels, Red Dress”. Instantly I opened my phone to confirm that a group of my favorite people was going to buy tickets to the Jonas Brothers Happiness Begins tour. Thanks to Meagan Millier and Juliana Mitchell who had purchased the pre-sale pass so that tickets were cheaper, we were all able to buy tickets to get to rock out to our favorite middle school boy band.

Go forward to this weekend (close to 5 months later) on September 29th, we all dressed up and rolled out of Norman and headed for Tulsa. Once we made it to Tulsa some of the caravan met up at this Mexican restaurant to eat before the concert. All eight of us TBS actives went through approximately 20 ramekins of salsa. After fueling up for the concert, we made it to the venue and met up with six more TBS active/alumni members. This is where all our cute pictures were taken.

I could give you IN DEPTH details of the concert, but I will spare you. It was COOL. Nick sang some of Joe’s singles and Joe sang some of Nick’s; wholesome brother love. Ya love to see it. Towards the end of the concert I started to panic because they hadn’t played my favorite song, “Burnin’ Up,”, yet so I was beginning to think they weren’t going to! They played, “Year 3000,” and the entire stadium erupted with screams. That was the last song. So once they left the stage I was sad. But…BUTTT…this giant FLASH of fire hit the stage and then, “Burnin’ Up,” came on. I cried. And of course, to end the night they played, “Sucker”.

Overall it was a great night with people that I care so dearly for. Those are some memories that I will cherish forever. I have to say though, the one downside was that Kayla McCullough didn’t get to see anyone in a red dress. Opportunity lost.

-Nadia Moore

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