Oreos, Milk, and Why You Should Rush TBS

Attention freshman!

So, it’s finally time for me to release this blog post. You’re probably wondering “Hey Mike, why are you writing a blog post, don’t you just kind of meander around and sneak in milk and cookies into the stadium on game day?” Well, you’re probably right, I’m just a dude who likes Oreos a little too much and still doesn’t really know all the rules of football after two years, but now is not the time to talk about me, it’s time to talk about why you should rush TBS!

I only rushed because some dude from Michigan told me I should sophomore year, but in retrospect I wish I rushed freshman year because of all the benefits that arise from being a member of TBS! Some of these include:

  • Opportunities to serve the community
  • Retirement home pep gigs that SLAP
  • Extra time together with your pals at chapter
  • Opportunities to make friends with people outside of your section
  • Sisters who also make pretty good roommates (@Jake, Clarke, and Pete)
  • Mont cheese fries
  • Additional pep gigs and away game opportunities
  • Nice bigs that will buy you Oreos and Pre-workout (thx Madi & Zach)
  • !
  • Read the first letter of every bulletin point so far
  • Pseudo ted-talks at chapter
  • Greek letters to put in your Instagram bio!
  • Spending time with other TBS & KKY members from other schools after games
  • Bus Captain privileges >:)

As someone who was pretty shy my freshman and sophomore year, just go to a rush event! Everyone member of TBS at OU is pretty easy to talk to, and we’re all interested in getting to know you! If you’re interested in rushing TBS keep an eye out on the Pride Facebook page for future rush event! And just remember freshmen:

  • The freshman fifteen is real, and sometime it’s the freshman forty-five

(In all seriousness, please take care of your health. Losing weight is a huge time commitment.)

  • The Biz is your friend
  • The gym is free
  • If you’re having trouble acclimating to college or you’re feeling homesick, talk to an upperclassmen about it! All of us have felt that way at some point.
  • The mystery flavor Oreos are just Apple Cinnamon

Hope to see you guys at a rush event in the future!

-Michael Ramdeo

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