Should l Rush Tau Beta Sigma? A Prospective Member’s Guide!

By this point in the semester (and depending on your school’s COVID guidelines), you have surely seen a few members of your band that represent Tau Beta Sigma, whether they are wearing a TBS shirt, setting up for a rehearsal, or singing on the field after a football game or rehearsal. Perhaps you have seen socially-distant recruitment events, or even been to one! 

But, what exactly do you do when you’re in Tau Beta Sigma?

Tau Beta Sigma is an all-genders-included service sorority meant to serve the collegiate band. Basically, we help with all things band related, whether it be just within the athletic bands, the university’s school of music, or other outside events! Here at the Delta chapter, we love to volunteer our time by doing outside pep gigs for elementary schools, retirement homes, and other places such as the Big Event or local animal shelters!

That sounds like a lot. What is the time commitment for TBS?

We will have one weekly chapter meeting per week in the evenings, and a select few required events outside of regular chapter meeting time. As for service requirements, we only ask that you complete a certain number of points within a given semester (which is shortened this year to accommodate due to the COVID pandemic), and of course, we are flexible with any outside conflicts you may have with this! Many of our sisters work jobs along with being a member of TBS as well as a member of the Pride.

What else do you guys do besides service?

Here at Delta, we put a heavy emphasis on sisterhood within our chapter. This means that we strive consistently for every member to know that they have a place in our organization on a constant basis. During a regular year that isn’t 2020, we meet up before chapter to mingle around and chat with everyone. We will also sing with our Kappa Kappa Psi brothers after football games. We even hold “Hannah Talks” after every chapter to just have a laugh with our sisters, promptly before going to the Mont here in Norman to eat cheese fries!

This all sounds like a lot of fun! But I’m nervous, I don’t know anyone.

Perfect! You are in the same position as every other prospective member as of right now, and myself included when I was a freshman! My advice is to go to as many recruitment events as possible and see where your personality falls in line with the other members of TBS! It’s okay if you’re shy, our active members are looking forward to meeting you and would love to show you what TBS is all about. Your experience will be exactly what you make it when it comes to the recruitment process, so come on out and see what TBS is all about!


Courtney Edwards

Delta Epsilon, Spring 2018

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