Game Days A New Way

Possibly the most exciting aspect of joining Tau Beta Sigma is the opportunity to serve our colleagues on game days. The atmosphere inside the Palace on the Prairie is booming with energy as we cheer on the Sooners. Participating in one of the largest campus organizations requires extensive cooperation. Responsibilities delegated to TBS include passing out sandwiches during the third quarter and picking up recycling. Returning members would say that these tasks took on new importance this season as the organization, university, and conference adhere to COVID-19 protocol. This made my first game as an active member even more memorable!

The beginning of the conference play was a stunning matchup between the Oklahoma Sooners and Kansas State Wildcats. Set up in the stands was our socially distanced, masked, and energetic pep band. The organization was essential to game day successes. Shortly before halftime, we geared up to distribute sandwiches. Important was the usage of gloves and indirect contact as sandwiches were placed by each band and guard member. Faces presumably beaming with joy under masks. Early game days always warrant a good breakfast that prepares me for the first few quarters. The halftime show displayed on Sooner Vision was the first time I was able to watch our performance from the stands. These firsts are created a whole new game day experience. Following the third quarter, TBS members collected recycling. Unlike past games, we were able to walk through the ensemble to grab bottles. This made limited contact easy.

Regulations to combat the spread of COVID-19 prompted a new setting for post-game concerts. The stands held the remaining fans who waited to hear the band play once more. From our seats, we jammed to classic TV shows that we’re all too familiar with over quarantine. Finally, the game day experience had come to an end. Absent from our post-game concert was a performance of TBS voices joined in song. This had always been an impressive sight. Instead, we have found time after our halftime show recording sessions to sing socially distanced. I have been so grateful to share this experience with the band and sisters of TBS. As the season continues there will be opportunities to learn about the other ways TBS contributes to the Norman community.


Matthew Frontz

Delta Eta

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