15 Things That Make Life Good

15 Things That Make Life Good

Happy Fall, everyone! Or, winter? Or maybe summer? With the ice storm hitting Norman last week and the current sunny, 70-degree weather, it’s hard to tell what season we’re in! Just like the seasons, our lives are undergoing incredible change this year. Lately, we may have enormous stress for a variety of reasons: exams, presentations, the election, the pandemic… a lot is going on, and sometimes, no matter the weather, the sky just feels grey. But good news, friends — I have compiled a list of 15 top-tier things that just make life good.

  1. Cozy socks

This is truly a gift for any occasion. I bought some aloe-infused socks from Target last year, and I think my feet melted. That’s how soft they were (and still are!).

  1. Soft blanket

Who doesn’t love having a super soft blanket with some snacks and a movie? Personally, I like cozying up in a blanket in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee. Speaking of…

  1. Vanilla and chestnut scented coffee

Okay, these scents may not be for everyone, but just picture your favorite coffee scent. Isn’t it wonderful? It’s giving me Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg vibes.

  1. Fairy lights

These cute little lights take me back to days watching movies about Tinkerbell and her fairy friends. Did anybody else have a barbie fairy doll? Not to flex, but mine was Barbie Mariposa.

  1. Someone playing with your hair

Some people like a massage or foot rub, but man, this right here is nice. Sometimes I go get my haircut just for a crumb of human interaction (did I say that out loud?) Okay hear me out: getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist is just as soothing. No? Oh, okay.

  1. The crunch of an acorn

Forget crunchy leaves, that crackle of an acorn on a crisp autumn day is nothing short of extraordinary.

  1. When your cat wants to snuggle with you

I’m going to be honest – I used to be a dog person. I didn’t grow up around cats, so I was under the impression that cats were meanies. Boy, was I so wrong. Cats are truly made of purrfection. What’s not to love about their little beans or their hard work at the biscuit factory? My little voids are also excellent flycatchers. We got our Christmas village displayed, and they ensure to terrorize the town* at least once a day.

*by walking on the village roofs

  1. When your dog is happy to see you when you get home

Think about it. Your dog’s favorite part of the day is when you get home. Even the Grinch’s heart would grow 3 sizes thinking about that.

  1. Snow day and no classes (with electricity and wifi)

A childhood and now adult classic. Waking up to see snow sparkling like Edward Cullen’s skin and no school is the only good thing about winter in Oklahoma.

  1. That stretch in the morning that just hits different

You know the one. Your muscles and spine feel like how Vicks Vapor Rub smells. 

  1. When you wake up feeling fresh

This one is a rarity, but when it happens, you become the Main Character. Step aside, John Green, it’s my time to shine.

  1. When you light your favorite bath and body works candle

Picture this: your room is clean, you’re wearing comfy clothes. Your favorite scent fills your room, and you’re being super productive. (BRB, currently manifesting)

  1. Picturesque, golden moments with your friends that feel like a movie

These are the times I wish I could take a picture or video with my eyes so you can lock this moment in your mind and never, ever forget it. Like those moments where something is just SO funny that you and your friends can’t stop laughing. Alexa, play Ribs by Lorde.

  1. When you can’t put down a good book

You have bewitched me, body and soul… It’s been a while since I’ve felt this way about a book. My current read is “Deep Oil Spills,” which, I’m not going to lie, is like the end slice of a loaf of bread. Maybe I can pick something up over the holiday. Any suggestions?

  1. Baking during the holidays

“Baking sweets is like growing vegetables: the fun is in the process, but the consumption is not for me*.” – Kyra S. I love this time of year when you’re baking along to holiday tunes and trying to guess what you got for Christmas. I think it combines like so many of the things on this list.

*unless it’s an apple pie

So, there you have it! 15 really good things. Pick one to enjoy for today. 🙂


Kyra Shock, Delta Eta

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