The Adventure Begins

The Delta Chapter has packed their bags and prepared to take the road less traveled. Formal rush week is in full swing amid the challenging circumstances. This semester all chapter activities have been navigated through video conferences and digital communication. Creative ideas have granted the successful execution of the chapter’s service in the band and community. The Rivermont pen-pal program has been a highlight of our aspiration to stay connected with our friends at Rivermont Assisted Living. National headquarters organized a virtual third degree for the Delta Eta rush class to provide a complete membership candidacy experience. There has been an outstanding amount of initiative and camaraderie that has strengthened bonds despite the physical distance.

Events this week hosted over zoom captured the essence of Camp Delta. Promoting a healthy lifestyle has such a positive influence on mental and physical health. The yoga session turned out to be so much more. The official beginning to formal rush week was successful in bringing relief of tension from a long tiresome day. Leading the session was a professional yoga instructor who encouraged the class to focus on prosperity rather than homework.
Tuesday, we camped out to watch a fan favorite Camp Rock. This late 2000s film brought back memories of childhood nostalgia. The Zoom chat was as entertaining as the movie. Everyone brought their charismatic charm and cozy blankets to revel in the teen drama. Popular vote suggested that Nick Jonas delivered an excellent performance in the appearances made throughout the movie. Interest in watching Camp Rock 2 and The Parent Trap was expressed as to potential sequels to this popular event. The main takeaway was music offers an unparalleled expression of individuality that must be encouraged.

Gathered around the campfire our computer screens offered just as much light and significantly less heat. Speed bonding hosted on Wednesday presented a great opportunity for prospective members to meet actives. Sharing our experiences as active members of Tau Beta Sigma was so fun. Likewise, getting to know others fostered a sense of community that is always appreciated. Encouraging everyone to stay connected brings us so much joy.
Thursday, we had a huge turnout for our letter-writing event. The TBS & KKY Delta Chapters got together to thank our frontline healthcare workers. Joining us were many pets that loved the spotlight. Everyone was happy to share their gratitude for essential healthcare workers and their pets. Thank you to everyone that took the time to make another’s day brighter. Camp Delta has been truly incredible, and we cannot wait to see where it may take our prospective members.

Matthew Frontz

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