10 Daily Affirmations for Anxiety

As many college students can attest, 2020 has been extremely stressful and a bit of a downer. Our navigational skills through a global pandemic, injustices within our social institutions, and other worldwide events have made for quite the journey. With much uncertainty, fear, and doubt clouding every day, students might find themselves wondering if they can power through finals and finish the semester strong. I have also faced numerous struggles in an attempt to reach the finish line. There are days and nights where I wonder, “Am I good enough to be doing this?” “Am I smart enough to do well on this exam?” “Am I enough, in general?” Here at the Delta chapter, we are on a mission to lift ourselves and other sisters of Tau Beta Sigma up and into a positive, nurturing environment. If you find yourself struggling, here are some daily affirmations and some calming exercises to bring peace to you as we complete this Fall semester! 

1.) “I am doing my best.” 

2.) “I choose to be happy and to love myself today.”

3.) “My possibilities are endless.”

4.) “I am brave, bold, and beautiful.”

5.) “I deserve to not only survive but thrive.”

6.) “Today is going to be a great day/ Tonight is going to be a good night.”

7.) “I will be kind to myself and others today.”

8.) “I am becoming more confident every day.”

9.) “Perfectionism is a lie. Start messy.”

10.) “The only way to fail is to quit. I will not quit.”

To be transparent, I say each of these affirmations to myself every day when I am getting ready for classes in the morning. Reciting daily affirmations out loud can boost inner confidence and develop a stronger sense of self. We must say kind things to ourselves so that kindness may be given to others. Sometimes, it is not easy to believe in such positive words and objectives. You might find yourself wondering if you are deserving of that positivity, especially when facing an obstacle. You are always enough for love, you are always enough for inner peace, and you are always enough to be here. From all of us at the Delta chapter, we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break, and we wish you so much success on your final tests and exams!


Kelsey Cook

Spring 2019 Delta Zeta 

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