That’s A Wrap!

Approaching the new year there are numerous opportunities to ponder our goals and resolutions. Anticipation is a popular theme with new year’s as opposed to reminiscing. Recently though many people were eager to learn what all they had listened to throughout the year. Wrapped playlists flood social media in December as a tribute to the hundreds and thousands of minutes spent listening to the creative works of various artists. Were you surprised by the newly discovered artists and genres that have always been there with the tap of a button? Beyond the personal playlists that summarized the year in song others share their popular additions. There is intricacy when it comes to algorithms that recommended new music. However, some of the best music can be discovered through friends and family. Not every song you hear is going to be your favorite. But you never know when you are going to come across something that inspires you. I would love to hear some of your wrapped playlists! That’s a wrap on our most liked music.

Additionally, there have been other significant attributes to the year besides playlists, such as the plentiful pictures, and people that shared incredible memories with us. Scrolling through my camera roll many recordings of auditions and projects take up large segments of the day. Clearing these performances was relieving and motivating. There were remarkable progressions and successes that were achieved through focus, determination, and deadlines. The featured photos displayed through widgets also remind me of great memories throughout the year. Norman saw snow in early February that was exciting to capture as a Texan who had not seen real snowfall. Welcoming the class of 2024 in September was exciting as we began the academic year. Many screenshots of breakout rooms and Zoom meetings also showed how our chapter bonded amid the unconventional circumstances. All in all, I am so thankful to have spent the year with incredible friends and family. That’s a wrap on our photo albums.

Activities over Zoom have been Delta’s means of connecting. Outside of the camera frame, there have been so many contributions that Delta has made to the community. Football games have called for The Pride to perform in small socially distanced and masked pep bands. Increased precautions while serving sandwiches and collecting recycling has ensured our involvement in making gamedays run happily and healthily. Writing to frontline healthcare workers was an event held over Zoom for activities and prospective members to give their thanks for dedicated service. Sharing our experiences through the Rivermont pen-pal program gave Delta the opportunity to connect with our friends at Rivermont Assisted Living. Participating in these activities and others has been very exciting. I cannot wait for the semester ahead of us. That’s a wrap on our activities.


Matthew Frontz

Delta Eta

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