Happy Valentine’s Day!

On behalf of the Delta chapter, Happy Valentine’s Day! We are so excited to get back to work this Spring and introduce our Delta Theta membership candidates to the ways of Tau Beta Sigma. #TheAdventureContinues as we explore new, safe ways to give back to our affiliated organizations and Norman community. Although we are missing in-person chapter like the way we are missing warm weather right now, we are so grateful for the opportunity to meet with our sisTAUs every Monday night via Zoom. 

Last Sunday, we successfully hosted and completed the First Degree Ritual online. It was so wonderful to see so many familiar faces during the online portion and to see some new faces from the Southwest District Council! The Delta Theta membership candidates then met with our President Jacob Stiller and our Vice President of Membership Emily to receive their pins and goodies! 

It has been a treat getting to know our new rush class. The Delta Theta membership candidates recently elected class officers to represent them as they continue their guided journey to sisterhood. Avery Stein, who serves as President of the Delta Theta rush class, was a competitive tap dancer for nine years. We love that so many membership candidates have used fine arts to bring joy to those around them. Our active members are so proud of the Delta Thetas for their persistent enthusiasm and contagious happy energy!

While hopeful that we will resume in-person chapter, seeing everyone’s faces is a perfect cure to the Monday blues. For now, we will enjoy our snow days and snuggle with our pets. We hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


Kelsey L. Cook

Delta Zeta, Spring 2019 

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