BIG (and Little) Love!

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and the sisters of the Delta chapter certainly proved this to be the case when we participated in our second degree this Sunday. After not having any in-person events for almost 8 months, we were all elated to be able to safely participate in big-little reveal as well as spend some time with our sisters. The MCs learned about the important characteristics that a sister of TBS embodies, as well as what it means to have progressed this far in the membership process. The second-degree experience was made more special by the presentations of the TBS National Executive Team, and while we all miss in-person rituals, the zoom experience was memorable and effective in conveying the importance of the second-degree ritual and the next steps of the membership process.

After our second-degree experience came one of the most memorable days of the MC professes: big-little reveal! The MCs had no idea that this was coming, so the surprise made the entire experience that much more fun for everyone. Each Delta Eta who took a little got to come up with their unique way to reveal their identity to their littles, and the ideas we came up with were spectacular. Ranging from pool noodle sword fights and Kahoot games to personalized poems and monologues, no two reveals were alike, but they all succeeded in welcoming our newest family members in meaningful, memorable ways. All of the sisters present at the reveal could feel how exciting it was to be in one place again — the energy in the room was almost tangible. The Delta chapter is a special group, so the chance to get everyone together in a safe way was rejuvenating, inspiring, and downright fun.

Today was especially meaningful to me and my fellow members of the Delta Eta rush class. It sounds cliche, but it feels like it was yesterday that we were going through second degree, finding out who our bigs were, and meeting the rest of our families. The gravity of the situation didn’t hit me until I was standing in front of my little, Kate, and welcoming her into our family. It’s a truly special moment to reveal to a sister that they are the newest member of a family tree that extends for decades.
As a whole, the second-degree experience was a day I will certainly never forget. The connections between the sisters in the Delta chapter are special bonds that are especially important in challenging times such as these, and the chance to safely see our friends, bigs, littles, and sisters again gave everyone in attendance a renewed happiness.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and Delta I am fond of you!

Zach Yarbrough
Delta Eta

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