A Year In Review

Early March marks one year of the Covid-19 pandemic drastically affecting all of our lives. When I left campus for Spring Break in 2020, I didn’t think it would be almost an entire year before I would finally be able to gather with my sisters again. Only a few weeks ago, the Delta chapter was able to meet for an in-person chapter for the first time since our world was changed. The energy in the room was electric, an environment that I previously took for granted but will now be forever grateful for.

Hearing the laughter and conversation among my friends immediately lifted my spirits and reminded me of the best part of this organization, the people. The past year has made me exponentially more grateful for every moment that I spend as a member of Tau Beta Sigma. I have loved the opportunity to watch the Membership Candidates begin their journeys of becoming full members of our chapter and learn what it is like to be a part of our community. I am incredibly thankful that I was able to be physically present to watch my little surprise his little and introduce her to our family that is more than excited to welcome her.

Big and Little

Even the little things like making a motion, watching Hannah talks, or singing at the end of chapter are all things that can be done over zoom but are just so much better when we can be together. In the short time that we have been able to meet in person, I have already made so many new memories and I am looking forward to the memories we will continue to make as a chapter in the future. Seeing my sisters behind a screen can never truly replace the feeling of seeing their faces in person, even if it is partially covered by a mask and six feet away. I am more optimistic than ever that our chapter will do great things, regardless of the obstacles that are put in our path.


Cameron Dickey

Spring 2019, Delta Zeta

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