Things That Make Life Sweet

  1. Taking a bath!

Listen, I know there are a lot of bath haters out there–but trust me they are amazing. My
favorite thing is to light a couple of candles, use a good-smelling bath bomb, or salts, and relax.
Something about putting your head underneath the water is so cathartic and peaceful. I liken it to
being at the ocean or putting your ear in a shell. Baths help me to sleep, and they sometimes help
with my soreness. I feel like a new woman when I come out of a bath. If you are worried about
bathing being dirty, you can always take a shower, beforehand.

2. Trees, Trees, Trees.

If you are ever feeling down, you should soak in the beauty of nature by observing a tree.
I like to gaze intently at them as I walk around on campus; however, laying
underneath a tree is a whole different experience. The differing textures in them fascinate me. I
especially like to watch the light filter through their leaves. When they are layered underneath
the sunlight, leaves seem like a paper mache collage. The smell of nature (so long as you don’t have
bad allergies) is refreshing to the senses. If you are lucky, maybe the grass you are laying on is

3. Singing with the Homies

I love me some Emily White singing the star-spangled banner, but seriously, singing with
your sistaus hits different. From “I Ain’t In Checotah Anymore” by Carrie Underwood to “One
Last Time” from Hamilton (yes, we just sang that), any song is great if you are with fwends. I
personally hold concerts for my roommates when I am in the shower because I love them that

4. Have a COCOA

When I say Cocoa, I don’t mean that bean powder on the baking aisle at Walmart, I mean
my CAT. By MY CAT, I mean Cameron’s cat. I enjoy her screams from downstairs, demanding
me to throw her ponytail holder, which she probably dipped in water before. In addition to this,
delight, she is what I call a chicken-loving cat. You thought Matthew Smith could eat more
chick-fil-a sandwiches than anyone else. You would be wrong. Cocoa absolutely loves chicken,
especially from chick-fil-a. And yes, she will slide into some DMs for that chicken. More than
anything, her beady and terrifying green eyes bring me joy. If there ever was a photogenic cat, it
would be her. Do not have a Sammy, Sammy likes to eat duct tape.

5. Buy Some Plants

Despite my evident brown-thumb, I have managed to keep a couple of unfortunate plants
alive. My first plant was Lola Marie, she was a money tree and what I would call a survivor. She
was knocked over at least three times and two of her trunks die. I find that to be rather
inspirational. They probably help you breathe better, although I am not an environmental
scientist so I can’t say for sure. They do bring the outside, inside and make for a welcoming
atmosphere. If you are attached to plants, like me, you can even find funny names for them.

6. Being a Grandma

Grandmas are baddies, no denying it. What they do best include the following:
crocheting, quilting, embroidery, and painting. I have started several crocheting projects,
namely a huge blanket that will probably never get finished. Something about doing the same
thing over and over and over and over and OVERRR again is fun. I also love painting because
you can make whatever you want, with any colors you desire, and sometimes it still turns out
okay. Anything that I ever make usually is given to someone. I enjoy thinking of others and
making them my own masterpieces.

7. Re-arranging Your Room

There is never a better time to change your life, and sometimes that time is NOW.
Whether it be 8 am or midnight, re-arranging your room can be very stress-relieving. Something
about moving heavy furniture around clears the mind and soothes the soul. As a freshman, I
looked up to the members of KKY and TBS for helping us move in. I like to re-live that every
time I get tired of my room. Especially when my TBS roommates help.


Coffee is wonderful for multiple reasons, the first being that it causes blood sugar to
crash. Now, you may be thinking, Emily that is depressing. BUT it is not, because I get to buy
extra stuff with my coffee to eat. I have spent at least $120 at Starbucks in just a month. That is
12 trips, by the way, but it is okay because I am getting stars. And with stars, I can get more
coffee. In the wise words of a sleep-deprived freshman, “Coffee makes me an enlightened
wizard!” It also gives me crippling anxiety, but sometimes I also have flurries of passion and will
not stop talking. Drink responsibly, folks.

9. Laying on the Floor

When I am feeling down, the floor is always downER. How much lower can you get that
Flo Rida, well it is easy, you can get to the flooooooorrrrrrr. Just lay on that carpet, and you will
feel so much better. My favorite activity on the floor is staring at the ceiling. Everyone needs a
good ceiling stare; you should try it.

10. Hannah Talks

Now then, there is a lot going on in this blog post. I would even say this has deviated
from its intended purpose, but it at least made Emily White laugh her head off laying on my
floor. I like making people laugh, one good way to do it is creating a Hannah Talk. Hannah Talks
are unique to the ONE AND ONLY Delta TBS chapter. You could probably turn everything I
said into a Hannah Talk because that is the only way any of what I wrote makes sense. Yet,
Hannah Talks are the best, they make so many people laugh. We all need a good rolling chuckle.


This is a bonus feature for my Delta Etas out there. Wherever you might be, just know


Emily Cobb

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