Getting Closer!

It’s April! Hopefully, you didn’t get fooled too hard on the first, the funniest day of the year. To start us off, here’s some trivia about April: It’s the first of the four months to have 30 days, and it’s the second of five months to have 31 days. It is the Grilled Cheese month, Garlic Bread month, Florida Tomato month, and Soft Pretzel month, among many, many others (seriously, they’re just making sh*t up now).

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On behalf of the Delta chapter, we hope you have had an excellent and restful Easter holiday. I’m sure some sort of link exists between hosting in-person chapter and Jesus rising again, but I’m not funny enough to find it. We continue to reintegrate our chapter into the OU and Norman community, whether it be through service events or through kicking butt at softball. Although they’ve been reinstated for almost a month now, I’m still SO grateful to have in-person chapters back into my routine. Singing the loyalty song over Zoom just didn’t hit the same.

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As the semester continues to ramp up, so has our focus in serving the community through coordinated service projects. Big shout-out to Matthew Browning, who has been working his butt off putting together the Westheimer service project at the OU airport. Also, by the time this blog will be posted, several members of TBS (including myself) will have participated in the Big Event, further illustrating our commitment to bettering the OU community. If you really think about it, if I talked to you while at the Big Event, and you’re reading this now, then you will have talked to the ‘future’ me and now you’re listening to the ‘past’ me…? Wait, why is my nose bleeding? (Also, I SWEAR I didn’t know a picture was being taken until it was too late, and I misjudged where I needed to be in the second pic. Please don’t bully me.)

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Members of TBS have also been participating in Intramural Softball! So far, we’re undefeated, neva lost. Jokes aside, the practices and games have been really fun to be a part of. It’s really nice getting the blood pumping on the diamond with some friends, unless you’re taking 80 mph grounders to the arm (thanks, Zach). If I’ve intrigued you, the season lasts practically the rest of the semester, and you can sign up anytime to register for games. We’d love to have you out there with us!

As I mentioned earlier, the semester is definitely ramping up. I know personally, I’ve been feeling pretty burned out, and the lack of a Spring Break doesn’t help. If you feel like you have no one to turn to in times like this, please know that isn’t true. At Delta, we’re all in this together – anything you’re going through, someone is going through it with you. Let’s rely on each other as we near the end of one of the most bizarre pairs of semesters. You can do this!


Drew King

Delta Eta, Spring 2020 

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