Tau Beta Significant

When I arrived at band camp last fall, I was immediately greeted by the most wonderful people in an organization called Tau Beta Sigma. At the time I didn’t know just how much TBS would have an effect on my life. Before knowing what TBS was all about, I went to the Canvas Corner rush event with friends because it simply sounded like a fun time. When I got there I was overwhelmed by the kindness of all the sisters there. I had so many people come up to me and ask me questions, it already began to feel like I was a part of the sisterhood.

Bonding with so many sisters, I decided to rush TBS and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made since coming to campus. Tau Beta Sigma became so much more than just doing fun events, it became my second home. Through TBS I’ve gotten to meet so many incredible people outside of my section and even outside of Pride. TBS has also allowed me to continue my love of service. In high school, I loved volunteering wherever I could, but in TBS I get the chance to volunteer with my sisters. I also get to directly see the impact in musical organizations that I am a part of.

It didn’t fully hit me how much TBS has bettered my life until this fall when it came full circle and I got to move in the incoming Pride freshmen. It was in this moment I realized how much TBS has helped me grow and encouraged me to better myself. Moving in these nervous freshmen I couldn’t help but feel excited at the prospect of sharing this life changing experience with the next Delta class.

Megan Fox

High Heels, But No Red Dress

Flashback to May 7th of last semester, I received a notification on my phone that told me I was added to a group chat named “High Heels, Red Dress”. Instantly I opened my phone to confirm that a group of my favorite people was going to buy tickets to the Jonas Brothers Happiness Begins tour. Thanks to Meagan Millier and Juliana Mitchell who had purchased the pre-sale pass so that tickets were cheaper, we were all able to buy tickets to get to rock out to our favorite middle school boy band.

Go forward to this weekend (close to 5 months later) on September 29th, we all dressed up and rolled out of Norman and headed for Tulsa. Once we made it to Tulsa some of the caravan met up at this Mexican restaurant to eat before the concert. All eight of us TBS actives went through approximately 20 ramekins of salsa. After fueling up for the concert, we made it to the venue and met up with six more TBS active/alumni members. This is where all our cute pictures were taken.

I could give you IN DEPTH details of the concert, but I will spare you. It was COOL. Nick sang some of Joe’s singles and Joe sang some of Nick’s; wholesome brother love. Ya love to see it. Towards the end of the concert I started to panic because they hadn’t played my favorite song, “Burnin’ Up,”, yet so I was beginning to think they weren’t going to! They played, “Year 3000,” and the entire stadium erupted with screams. That was the last song. So once they left the stage I was sad. But…BUTTT…this giant FLASH of fire hit the stage and then, “Burnin’ Up,” came on. I cried. And of course, to end the night they played, “Sucker”.

Overall it was a great night with people that I care so dearly for. Those are some memories that I will cherish forever. I have to say though, the one downside was that Kayla McCullough didn’t get to see anyone in a red dress. Opportunity lost.

-Nadia Moore

The Importance of TBS

Joining color guard started as me just trying to prove to my brother that I could do it and stick with it. I am sure 14-year-old me never would have thought that 6 years later I would be a part of something so much bigger than myself. Marching band is a big part of who I am. All these years of long practices, determination, competing, performing, and friendships have shaped me to be the young woman everyone sees today. Even today I know that being a part of The Pride of Oklahoma continues to shape my personality and mind set. Not only is marching band a big part of who I am but it is a therapy to me. No matter how stressful school or life gets I know getting to Pride Field at 4:30 everyday will immediately bring me pure happiness and relief.

When I learned about Tau Beta Sigma, I immediately knew I had to rush. This was the perfect opportunity to give back to and serve the activity that has meant so much to me. Not only do I get to give back to the band, but I have become sisters with so many others that share my love and passion for band. The chance to serve The Pride and to share my number one passion with others are just two of the many reason Tau Beta Sigma is so important to me.

-Maria Cullum

The Mont!

Every Thursday, I look forward to one thing above all: post-chapter cheese fries at the Mont with my sisters. As laughable as it sounds, one of the things that drew me to TBS was seeing members sharing that fun and inviting tradition on social media. They would spend their evenings together beyond the time spent in chapter, which was incredibly appealing to me. I wanted to be part of that, spending time getting to know everyone on a more personal level.

Now, I share cheese fries with Kaitlyn every week after chapter. No matter how much homework I have, how late it is, or how tired I am, the Mont is one of the highlights of my week. I love setting aside that time to connect with my sisters in a more relaxed and inviting environment. Chatting with friends, sharing food, and making memories is a tradition I hold dear and can’t wait to introduce new members to some day!

-Ashley Mueller

Clarke’s TBS Story

Last spring, I decided to begin the membership process to join Tau Beta Sigma and since then the amount of self-growth has been astonishing! The opportunities to give back through service and music has not only made me feel more connected to the wonderful community of Norman but also to my fellow sister I do it with.

I have met some of the most selfless and caring individuals and it is my pleasure to call them my sisters. Being around such a welcoming environment has not only made the transition into college easier, but also has helped me change myself to become a more understanding and all-round member of society.

I highly recommend asking a sister about Tau Beta Sigma, or simply just becoming friends with one. You can only benefit from it! 🙂

-Clarke Bruneau

Tau Beta Sporty 2019

The Delta Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma kicked off their fall 2019 recruitment season with a joint recruitment event with the Delta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi this past Wednesday! Lovingly referred to as “Tau Beta Sporty/Kappa Kappa Pserve”, Delta sisters and brothers invited prospectives to come out to the Cate volleyball court after Caf Night and play sand volleyball, eat popsicles, and get to know what it means to be a sister/brother of TBS/KKY.

Beyond just volleyball, actives also brought a variety of yard games so everyone could join in on the fun! Cornhole was especially popular among the prospectives.

As an extra sweet treat, KKY’s Vice President of Membership got the ice cream man to make an appearance about 30 minutes in!

The Delta Chapters have great joint relations, so we like to start our recruitment seasons off with a joint event every year! We’ll have separate recruitment events as the semester goes on, but this gives prospectives the chance to get a taste of both organizations at the same time, even if they think they have their mind set on one in particular.

Overall, Tau Beta Sporty was a huge success and we’re so excited for the rest of our recruitment season to begin!

All photos were taken by Delta TBS’s historian, Elizabeth Haskins.

Fernanda’s NatCon Experience

This past week, I went to Stillwater to join my fellow brothers and sisters at the 2019 National Convention for Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma and I can honestly say that it was one of the greatest experiences yet. Going into it, I was very excited but intimidated because since I was just initiated a few months ago, I didn’t know how to act, what to say, and what to do. I thought that I would not fit in and felt so out of place. The fact that most people in our chapter have never gone to NatCon made me feel a lot better about not knowing exactly what was going to happen because I didn’t feel alone in that “first time” boat. Once all that awkwardness went away, I really felt free, like I belonged there, and that I could really call myself an “official” member of TBS.

Some of my favorite moments while at NatCon included (but are not limited to) the marketplace, the guest speakers, and getting to go to Eskimo Joe’s to eat and bond with each other <3. At the marketplace, not only did I get to browse through all the awesome merch but I also got to meet a lot of sisters around the country and made connections with them so that I could later contact them and meet up with them at away games. Later that first day, most of us from the Delta chapter went to Eskimo Joe’s and ate some delicious food while enjoying each other’s company and hilarious stories. With the guest speakers, I was really surprised because I expected very cliche “Ted talks” but they ended up opening my mind up to new ideas and concepts that I needed in my life. Those guest speakers were so good that they got me to take notes on my own will. All in all, every event had its own special moment and it would take a while to describe all the details in the limited space I have to write. Trust me when I say, NatCon is something everyone should really consider going to at least once in their life, whether that be as an active or as an alumni or life member.

If you can’t go to NatCon for whatever circumstance, I would recommend at least going to district. I have never been to district but I totally recommend going because not only do you get to connect with and meet people within your district, but you get to learn so much about the sisterhood that you might have not thought about before and you could be the vessel that brings some of that information back to your chapter. People have told me that it’s like a mini NatCon with more scheduled things but very fun and informational. With my time at National Convention, I can be more open to others’ ideas and feel like I can contribute more in order to help our chapter move forward from what I have learned. Even if you don’t get the chance to go to either, just remember that your voice is important and needs to be heard. By doing this, it can help the chapter grow at the local, district, and even at the national level.

Thank you for reading my “testimony” about NatCon and I hope I have persuaded you to consider going to district next year and NatCon in 2021.

MLITB, Fernanda Ceron

2019 – 2020 Delta TBS Exec

The Delta Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma is pleased to announce our executive council for the 2019 – 2020 school year!

We are so excited to see how this executive team is going to change and impact our chapter! Congratulations to everyone elected, as well as everyone who ran for a position.

To contact any of the officers, please use their OU email addresses located on the contact page.