A Golden Opportunity

October 12th, 2019 was the date of everyone favorite historic red river rivalry. Personally, I would argue that it is one of the best football games to exist. The fans are at their peak crazy and thousands of people come to support their team. Not only is the energy from the fans crazy but the game takes place at the Cotton Bowl which is surrounded by the state fair of Texas and I mean who doesn’t love Texas? Well, the state anyways.  

This Red river rivalry was especially special for me this season not only because of the Sooner win, but because I had the chance to take over the National Tau Beta Sigma Instagram story. I got to post videos of my fellow sisters, clips of our pregame performance and of the band playing in the stands, and of course the most important a video of the Delta chapter singing with the Beta Gamma Chapter. Of course, the day started off a little rocky due to a lack of signal at the Cotton Bowl (It’s what I deserve for using Sprint). As time went on though, my clips started posting and I had a blast getting to share my day with sisters everywhere. This opportunity was the icing on top of the golden cowboy hat! 

-Maria Cullum